About Us

Welcome to Ubusi Beekeeping, where passion for bees meets dedication to excellence. Founded in 2012, Ubusi Beekeeping (Pty.) Ltd. has been at the forefront of commercial beekeeping, proudly serving as both honey producers, pollination services providers and retailers of beekeeping equipment. Nestled in the Overberg region, of the Western Cape, at foot of the Langeberg Mountain range and Breederiver valley, our commitment extends beyond merely harvesting honey; we’re dedicated to the crucial role bees play in pollination services, ensuring the vitality of our local ecosystems.

Our journey began with a vision to not only produce high-quality honey but also to contribute positively to the environment and agricultural communities. Over the years, we have honed our expertise, refining our methods to deliver honey products of unparalleled quality while simultaneously championing the importance of pollination in agriculture. READ MORE

Pollination Services

Ubusi Beekeeping (Pty.) Ltd. provides pollination services across the Western Cape ( South Africa) to decidious and seed growers. READ MORE

Beekeeping Equipment

JW’s Beekeeping Honey & Equipment supplies quality beekeeping equipment throughout South Africa.  VIEW MORE

Honey Products

Bee Things supplies a wide range of 100% pure South African honey with different natural flavors as well as handcrafted honey gifts for weddings and corporate functions.  VIEW MORE

African Projects

Ubusi Beekeeping (Pty.) Ltd. is a unique primary agricultural and Agri processing company that provides training and resources to beekeepers.  VIEW MORE

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